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The Circus Company

five gallon bucket being hoisted in a bucket sling.

The Bucket Sling. A safe and simple alternative to holding, hoisting and lowering 5 gallon buckets

200 lbs. Rated Capacity/500 lbs. Rated Capacity

Red Bucket Sling Blue Bucket Sling Grey Bucket Sling Bucket Sling used on a cooler

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The Bucket Sling: A safe, simple sling for 5-gallon buckets.

We created the Bucket Sling to meet a critical need in the construction industry: a safer bucket strap to hoist and lower 5-gallon buckets, keeping them secure and manageable at all times.

The Bucket Sling bucket hoist eliminates the safety hazard of tear-through of the original steel handle.

The Bucket Sling is a bucket strap that also provides safe and secure temporary hanging of buckets at job sites.

The Bucket Sling bucket carrier is the solution when safely transporting tools and material is mandatory and worker safety is paramount.

Product Description:

Available in 2 Capacities

The Bucket Sling - Standard
200-lb maximum capacity rating

  • Reinforced nylon handle
  • $19.95 plus shipping

The Bucket Sling - Industrial
500-lb maximum capacity rating

  • Reinforced polyester handle
  • Red core safety warning yarn for immediate safety warning
  • $29.95 plus shipping

The Bucket Sling Incorporates 3 Extra Safety Features:

  1. Automatically and evenly encircles the upper rim of the bucket while maintaining the centerline bottom
  2. Utilizes computer-stitched seams for ultimate durability
  3. The Bucket Sling - Industrial features a red core safety warning yarn that immediately reveals wear

Bucket not Included


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